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At Denton we focus on the important items in family law so you do not have to. Our success is based on your satisfaction and our satisfaction rate is over 90% over all of our clients.

You would be surprised to see the level of immaturity during a divorce. The advice I give all of my clients is this “even know you are not in love with the other person and act as if you are new to each other (and in parts you are) for your sake, your ex’s sake, and the kids sake. It will only do you good if you do”. If you follow this advise I promise you will have a better outcome than 90% of the divorced society.

Why you need us…

Our lawyers are experienced with cases just like yours and with the courts in our area. With that there is no substitute for local experience in presenting and defending you in your case.


Our Attorneys will fight hard for you in your case. If something is important to you it becomes important to us with that in a timely matter.


We love what we do. Most of our lawyers have kids and have been down the same road you are now on and know how difficult it can be. This is reflected in everything that they do.


We are accessible to you 24-7-365. We have somebody on the phones from 9 to 6 and if after hours we have a answering service that will put us in touch with you.


Our Attorneys Fighting For Your Family Law Needs

If you need an aggressive family law lawyer that cares about your case and can effectively and quickly take care of your family law case. Our lawyers care, have the skill, and the attention to details in the case that you need resolved. We are ready with years of divorce, child custody, spousal support, restraining orders, and child support. We are here for you, contact us today for your free case evaluation!