The Most Asked Questions About Family Lawfamily law

When going through a complex family legal issue especially divorce, you are going to need help. Our Lawyers are here to help you address the questions that you have and also talk about questions that you did not even think about. Make sure to contact us as soon as you can because the quicker you act the better you will be.

Below are some of the most common questions that are asked to our lawyers

How is the marital property divided?

Here in this state it is considered a community state so all property has to be considered “separate” or “community”. At the time of divorce all of the community property is divided equally… so 50/50. It is considered to be community unless it was brought into the marriage before or after the separation or by gift or inheritance during the marriage. It can be a entangled and difficult process but if the dissolve of the marriage is wanted by both parties and are willing to work together then it is a much more of a simple process.

Do I Need A Lawyer For My Divorce?

Simply Yes, Even the most simple divorces were everybody is getting along there needs to be a third party involved to look over the settlements to make sure that you are going to be ok.

How long will it take?

A divorce can be quick as a couple of days that is if everybody involved has everything ready with financial information and in order for the lawyers. With that it can take a couple of years depending on what is happening.

How about a modification to a judgement or order?

Modifications are based on significant changes in circumstances. In example if one party relocates or if the needs of a child changes, There is a significant change in income increase or decrease or retirement. If you need a modification you need to contact or office as soon as you can because it cannot be done retroactively.

Who Will Be Responsible For The Attorney’s Fees?

To put this question quite simply the court will be the one that decide that. The reason behind this is that the court wants both parties to have equal representation so there is a level playing field for all. Even if you think that you cannot afford a lawyer you should check with our firm to see if that is the case because there is usually ways to quickly get funds from the other side so you will have representation.